Tournament report: Elite-Cup 2023

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Group photo of the team and their cheerleaders.

On 7 July at 6am, the iImmune football team travelled to Munich to take part in this year’s Elite Cup organised by the Elite Network of Bavaria. This year the tournament was hosted by the TMP (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics) team from the LMU Munich, as they were the winners of the last cup.
When our team finally arrived at the Olympia Park in Munich, we were welcomed by the hosts and paired up with the first opposing team. The iImmune team started the tournament in a 3-1-2 formation with Jonas P. as goalkeeper, Fabian S., Androniki S. and Viktoria B. as CBs, Lennard V. (team captain) and Paul B. in midfield and Favoured B. and Lukas L. as forwards. Throughout the tournament, they were supported and cheered on from outside the court by their iImmune colleagues.

With this combination of players, they entered the first round of the tournament. Their first opponent was MAOT (Master of advanced optical technology), who were also from FAU. Unfortunately, our team lost this match. But another round against the Human Biology team from LMU brought them a well-deserved win! This victory then qualified them for the 3rd game of the day, where they played against TMP, the current defending champions. They struggled against this opponent and although they fought as hard as they could, they had to accept defeat. Unfortunately, this defeat cost them their place in the semi-finals and final. After 3 games full of excitement, great football and strong opponents, our team enjoyed a well deserved and much needed lunch break. The hosts provided a great buffet with lots of different dishes and drinks. Strengthened and refreshed, the team returned to play their 4th and final match of the day.

In the end, iImmune proudly took home the honour of finishing 5th out of 12 teams and returned to Erlangen as the heroes of the day. We are very proud of them and hope they had a great time in Munich! And for sure, iImmune will be back for the 2024 Elite Cup in Regensburg, as they will be hosting the next tournament as the reigning champions of 2023. Congratulations!

And don’t worry, iImmune will be back to bring the trophy home!