Throwback to the ‘Day of Immunology’

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On the 24th of June the PhD students of the Research Training Group 2599 “Fine Tuners of the Adaptive Immune Response” and our students from the Integrated immunology master programme informed the public at the Hugenottenplatz in Erlangen about the immune system and vaccination.

Together they created an informative event with small highlights like a fortune wheel, a “Create your Immune Pin” station, a colour in table for kids as well as other fun games for old an young. The students and professors informed the people about different vaccinations and the diseases behind (e.g. measles, tetanus). With the help of educating posters and brochures they could introduce this field of immunology to the public audience.

We would like to thank all people involved for the great work and their engagement!
Stay curious, we are looking forward seeing you at next year’s Day of Immunology!

Photos by Maria Langmaier