Admitted – Welcome @ iImmune

You were admitted?


Now all you have to do is to enrol. Print out the enrolment request (Print button: print request) and come to our enrolment office until September 30th at the latest. Please also note the information on the letter of approval.

Foreign Applicants

Foreign applicants must arrange an appointment for enrolment:

You will automatically receive the order to make an appointment with the student services office after printing the enrolment request. However, you must register on site.

You must then present the admission notice, the enrolment request and the visa on site and, of course, the original Bachelor’s certificate. Please urge your university to process your certificate as quickly as possible.

Get ready for the take-off

Whether it’s orientation at the university, looking for accommodation or preparing the curriculum, all things need to be arranged in advance so that nothing stands in the way of the start in October and you can concentrate entirely on your studies.

Orientation @ FAU

For orientation at the university the website of the FAU “Study Portal of prospective students” will help you.

There is also a video series of our International Office with useful tips and tutorials for international students:

Search for Accommodation

The search for accommodation in Erlangen is unfortunately not easy. Here are a few links without guarantee on good results:

Studentenwohnheim FAU

Mitwohnzentrale Erlangen

Meine Stadt

The first semester will take place mostly in the Erwin-Rommel Str. 3 (south area campus of Erlangen). In the second semester the majority of the teaching will take place in the city centre. It is a good idea to rent a room in between. However, the bus connections between the two locations are excellent. In addition, the cycle paths in Erlangen are safe and well developed.