Curriculum of MSc Integrated Immunology

During the first semester, the students are trained in the module Basic Immunology (lectures, seminars, tutorials) and in an Integrated Laboratory Course. There is a lecture and tutorial in Cell and Molecular Biology plus elective softskill courses in topics such as imaging, bio-informatics, computer programming or ethics of science.

The second semester provides the module Translational Immunology (lectures, seminars, tutorials) and an Integrated Laboratory Course in Translational Immunology. A course in Clinical Immunology includes tutorials and bedside visits.

The third semester includes practical project work with lab rotations both in the labs in Erlangen, as well as an organised 3-month visit to one international immunology lab abroad. A theoretical project is done over the whole semester, resulting in a written report. There are additional modules, e.g. participation at spring or autumn schools of immunology, or other graduate schools.

The fourth semester is spent working on the Master’s thesis.

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